6 Ways to Convince Mum and Dad to Use a Medical Alert Alarm

6 Ways to Convince Mum and Dad to Use a Medical Alert Alarm
06/10/2018 Kelsey

As Mum and Dad get older they can lose their freedom.

Rather than spending the day out in the yard with the grandkids or playing with the dog like they used to, they now spend their time in their house, and are too scared to leave in case they have an accident. Seeing this happen to your parents is scary, especially if you’re worried about their safety and what would happen if they did have an accident, since you can’t always be there for them – but, there is a solution.

Medical Alert Alarms give you the peace of mind that if Mum and Dad are in trouble and need assistance, all they need to do is press one button and they will have direct communication with the APERS Care Team. However, some parents don’t like to admit that they are getting older and need some help, and are reluctant to buy a Personal Emergency Response System. Read on to find out the six ways you can convince Mum and Dad to use a Medical Alert Alarm!

6. Maintain Independence and Restore Freedom

Living in the comfort of your own home is a priority for most Australian seniors. By getting a Medical Alert Alarm, your parents may be able to fulfil this wish and maintain their independence for longer. With emergency assistance accessible at all times, Mum and Dad no longer have to be scared about what would happen if they were to have an accident, and would be able to get their confidence back and live their life to the fullest by going outside and enjoying the things they used to do.

Convince Mum and Dad to Use a Medical Alert Alarm | Mobile Emergency Pendant | APERS Australia

5. Fashionable Accessory

These discrete and stylish devices are small and sleek, making them easy to pair with any outfit. The Medical Alert can be worn around the wrist or neck to suit your personal preference. If you would rather to keep the device out of sight, simply attach the pendant to your belt clip, keychain, or just keep it in your pocket! No matter how you decide to style your Emergency Alert System – help will be available at all times.

4. Risk of Falling Increases

As your parents age they become frail, and their falls risk can increase. The more frail they are can lead to more serious or life-threatening injuries. In these situations, getting help as soon as possible is vital, particularly if Mum or Dad live alone and can’t call out for help. With an Emergency Response Unit, your parents will be able to contact the APERS Care Team the moment an accident happens and get help sooner, which could be the difference between a minor injury and a major stay in hospital, or worse.

3. 24/7 Emergency Assistance

The reality of life is that you can’t always be there for your parents to look after them. Luckily, the APERS Care Team is here to help when Mum and Dad need it most! The Care Team provides a 24-hour monitoring service, meaning help is available at all times – no matter the time of day or night, all year round.

By activating the Emergency Button on the device, one of our specially trained Care Team members will contact your parents through a two-way voice channel on their device, allowing our Care Team to understand their situation, and ensure the activation was not a false alarm. Then, the Care Team can call your parent’s designated emergency contact, or if required, notify emergency services.

Convince Mum and Dad to Use a Medical Alert Alarm | Mobile Emergency Pendant | APERS Australia

2. Not Just For Life and Death Emergencies

The APERS Personal Emergency Response Systems are not just for life or death emergencies, but for simple reasons as well. Mum might be kneeling on the floor to clean the oven, and then mightn’t be able to get up! But what can she do if she can’t get off the floor and nobody is around to help? Dad might be in a recliner chair and not have the strength to push the footrest down, meaning he’s stuck in the chair until someone helps him. Although these situations do not require an ambulance to visit your parents, they are still serious enough to require a Medical Alert Alarm.

1. Because We Love You

At the end of the day, knowing Mum and Dad are in safe hands in your priority. A Medical Alert Alarm grants you the peace of mind knowing that if there were an accident that they will be able to get the help they need, which may end up saving their life.

Don’t wait any longer to prioritise Mum and Dad’s safety. Contact APERS today to learn more about our Medical Alert Alarms, or give us a call on 1300 852 148.

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Convince Mum and Dad to Use a Medical Alert Alarm | Mobile Emergency Pendant | APERS Australia