Features of the Best Personal Alarm for Fall Detection

Features of the Best Personal Alarm for Fall Detection
07/05/2019 APERS
Features of the Best Personal Alarm for Fall Detection

If you are looking after a person who is prone to sudden falls, a personal alarm is vital when it comes to notifying you of emergencies.

Seniors or any other individuals who may be suffering from balance issues may benefit from the use of such devices.

This will prevent them from being left to lie on the floor without any assistance.

Today’s fall detection personal alarms are designed with a variety of features that make it easier for the Care Team and emergency response personnel to act immediately whenever the user falls.

If you have been thinking about buying a personal alarm for fall detection but are yet to do so, use the information below as a guide to determine the best option.

How Do Personal Alarms Work?

Personal alarms send a notification after the user presses a distress button, or  after detecting a sudden fall,.

The notification message is sent to a 24/7 Care Team, who can then notify emergency personnel, or one or more specified recipients depending on the mode of operation of the device in use.

To send out notifications, these personal alarms come equipped with SIM cards just like mobile phones.


There are different types of fall detection personal alarms available out there; the main one being a pendant design.

When choosing a specific type, it is important to consider how convenient it is for the user to carry it around with them, or wear, at all times.

Simply put, the intended user should find the device that is the most convenient and comfortable to wear and is easy to include in their daily routine.

This makes it easier for them to adapt to its use.

Main Features to Look For

To get the most out of your device, the best personal alarm for fall detection should come with a variety of useful and practical features.

Here’s a list of some of the features to look for.

Fall Detection

As previously mentioned, a personal alarm sends out an alert to the 24 hour Care Team once the user manually presses the distress button.

Some devices also include the optional fall detection feature. The device detects when a fall occurs through a set of advanced algorithms. When a fall is detected, the device searches for movement from the user. If none is found, it sends an alert to the Care Team  to let them know the user has fallen.

It is best to choose a device that supports both manual and automatic functions to ensure that a notification is sent out either way.


GPS functionality helps the Care Team to locate the origin of the distress signal.

With this feature, the Care Team are able to get to the fall victim with ease, without the need to ask for any directions from them. This becomes a particularly important feature when the user themselves are unable to provide their location, for one reason or another.

However, to get an accurate GPS location the pendant needs to have line of sight to open sky. This is something to be aware of if the user is inside a building as the GPS accuracy will be affected.

Overall Ease of Use

The best personal alarms for fall detection should be easy and simple to use.

Sending out a notification to alert the Care Team should be as easy as pressing a button or automatically detecting when the user has a fall.

Accidental and unintentional falls are among the leading causes of physical injuries, whether mild, severe and even fatal, among the elderly and other individuals suffering from balance issues.

Personal alarms for fall detection make it possible for the Care Tem and emergency response personnel to act fast during emergencies when the worst happens.

With the above information in mind, choosing the best personal alarm for fall detection becomes easy and straightforward.

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