How To Buy The Best Personal Alarm For Fall Detection

How To Buy The Best Personal Alarm For Fall Detection
09/04/2019 APERS
How to buy the best personal alarm for fall detection

For the elderly or those suffering from medical conditions that affect their balance, the idea of a fall can leave them feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable.

In cases like this, the purchase of a medical/personal alarm makes perfect sense.

These devices operate on what could loosely be called a ‘panic button’ approach.

Should the person using the device suffer a debilitating fall they can press a button that alerts the APERS Care Team.

From there, the relevant caregiver or family members can be notified, or if necessary, emergency responders can be notified.

However, there are numerous ‘fall detection’ devices on the market – which one is best suited to the needs of the individual?

As it stands there is a basic question that the purchaser of such devices needs to answer prior to making the purchase decision.

What is best – a home-based or mobile system?

Home based systems mostly use a cellular network that allows the user to speak to the Care Team using a ‘panic button’ that connects to a base unit in the home.

The second option is the mobile device. These types of medical alarms can be used even when the user is out of the house.

These use a GPS locator to enable the Care Team to locate those in need.

The limitations of a mobile device are that they need to be in cellular range.

The accuracy of the GPS location is dependent on whether the alarm is triggered indoors or outdoors.

Those in need of the specific fall detection option can take advantage of the latest technology where the device may detect when the user has fallen.

If a fall is detected the device will notify the professional APERS Care Team, who will then notify a family member, friend, neighbour, or emergency services.

A limitation is that as far as the technology is concerned the devices are not perfect and may not always detect a fall.

The fall detection function is a good option to have.

However, if the feature does not work when you have a fall, you will still have the emergency button to press on the pendant.

If the individual concerned is at risk of a fall it is a case of better to be safe than sorry – these systems can save lives.

At APERS, we understand that keeping your loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world.

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