What Are Personal Medical Alarms?

What Are Personal Medical Alarms?
09/04/2019 APERS
What Are Personal Medical Alarms

With ageing comes a myriad of health, physical, and psychological issues that one has to contend with.

Chief among such issues is the loss or impairment of mobility and in some cases, some kind of disability.

As we get older, there is the ever-present risk of falling or tripping, which could result in serious injuries – further compromising the health of our loved ones.

One way our senior citizens deal with these issues is to hire a carer who comes in a number of times a week to help with daily chores.

It is normal for people to value their independence more as they age. So what can you do in this situation?

Personal Medical Alarm Systems are the Answer.

Personal Medical Alarm Systems are an emergency alert device, enabling your loved one to get in contact with a professional Care Team as soon as an emergency happens.

This could be almost anything – from a fall, a health emergency, or even in the case of burglary. Basically, any kind of emergency they may face.

The device is designed to contact the Care Team with ease, who can then alert family, friends, or, if necessary, emergency services.

To ensure the user can activate the device during an unexpected incident, Personal Medical Alarms are typically worn all the time.

They are small in size and very light, so wearing the device is not a hassle. These devices are also waterproof and are encouraged to be worn when bathing.

Personal Medical Alarms are extremely easy to use and have a very intuitive user interface.

For instance, say someone frail is wearing a personal medical alarm, trips and falls down.

They can simply use their medical alarm system to alert the Care Team of their situation.

The whole process is fast and easy, since you only need to only press one button!

With this device, your loved ones can live relatively independent and fulfilling lives, enjoying what they love most; their freedom.

Personal Medical Alarm Features

While personal medical alarm systems are mainly used for the purposes described above,  some medical alarm systems can include other advanced features.

For instance, some personal monitoring systems have a fall detection feature that may detect when the wearer has had a fall.

Should a fall be detected, monitoring staff will take the appropriate action to ensure the user is safe.

Long range capabilities of the pendant is another valued feature to look out for.

Being able to use the personal alarm system even from long ranges becomes especially important for seniors who love to play with their pets or spend time in their garden.

It is for this reason that we offer personal medical alarms with an open-air range of 300-metres.

Just like it is important for the elderly person wearing the personal medical alarm to be able to use the alarm system, it is equally important that they are able to install the entire system with ease.

As such, the ease of installation is an important consideration that should not be underestimated.

These alarms are extremely easy to install with their self-installation and “plug-in and go” design. However, installation is available if required.

In conclusion, if you have an older relative who would like to continue living independently but you are concerned about their wellbeing, a personal medical alarm system will come in handy.

It allows everyone to be happy. Your loved one continues to live independently, and you have a means of getting alerted during an emergency.

At APERS, we understand that keeping your loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world.

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