APERS Key Safe

APERS Key Safe

The APERS Key safe keeps your keys in a safe and secure location outside your home so emergency services or support workers can access your home to help you when you need assistance.

The Key safe is mounted on a nearby wall or fence keeping your keys in a secure yet accessible location so they can be accessed easily in your time of need.

  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for walls and fences
  • Push button mechanism
  • Custom Code up to 10 digits long
  • Hinged drop down door
  • Protective dust cover
  • Steel body and back plate
  • Finished in black
APERS Key Safe


APERS Key Safe Padlock


Key Safes are available for local pickup from Bundaberg and postage is available for an additional fee.

Key Safes are supply only and require installation

With every Key Safe purchased, detailed instructions will be sent to you alongside your equipment to help guide you through the easy self-installation process. If for any reason you are unable to self-install, APERS can provide a technician to attend your site to install it for you. Additional charges will apply.

How It Works


Press the button on your APERS device to call for emergency assistance

APERS Medical Alert Alarm Monitoring


Our Care Team will notify your designated emergency contact or emergency services of your address and safe combination


Emergency Services arrive at your location and are able to unlock your door with the keys located in your Key Safe.

APERS Medical Alert Alarm Emergency Contacts


Emergency Services or your nominated contact are able to enter your premises to render assistance



Internal External
Width 63mm 84mm
Height 95mm 120mm
Depth 40mm 49mm
Shackle diameter Horizontal clearance Vertical clearance
9.5mm 36mm 48mm


Finish Black
Key holding Capacity Up To 5
Portable Padlock Style Yes
Pushbutton Combination Yes


Internal External
Width 62mm 82mm
Height 90mm 120mm
Depth 54mm 66mm


Finish Black
Key holding Capacity Up To 25
Permanent Mount Yes
Pushbutton Combination Yes

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