Pearl Fall Detection Pendant

The APERS Pearl Fall Detection Pendant is a specialised personal help alarm that includes automatic fall detection. The Pearl Fall Detection Pendant achieves this through a set of comprehensive algorithms.

When a fall, trip or faint is detected, this medical alarm pendant looks for significant movement. If large amounts of movement are detected, the alarm is automatically cancelled. If activated, the Pearl Fall Detection Pendant sounds a warning beep, signifying the alarm is being sent to the Base Unit. Alternatively, users can press the large emergency button to get help.

This personal response system has four different settings that can be tailored to end-user requirements, including settings for people with epilepsy, cognitive disabilities, and high-risk frail users.

As the device is small and lightweight (< 12 grams), wearing the Pearl Fall Detection Pendant is unobtrusive and discrete. The Pearl Fall Detection Pendant requires a base unit to operate.


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300m Open Air Range to Base Unit

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24-Hour Monitoring

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Up To 2 Year Battery Life

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Fall Detection

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