SOS Personal Alarms and Technology

SOS Personal Alarms and Technology
28/06/2019 APERS
SOS Personal Alarms and Technology

Personal alarm technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. 

Not only do these alarms function better and have more wholesome capabilities, but they also now come in sleek designs that are a lot easier to wear around. 

Gone are the days of needing to wear cumbersome wrist bands that were uncomfortable and often times, just a plain nuisance.

With so many new designs and styles to choose from, this actually encourages people to want to use these alarms.

Taking all of this into consideration, this article will take more of a look at SOS personal alarms and the impact technology has had on them.

  • How does an SOS personal alarm work?
  • Important features of an SOS personal alarm
  • Freedom and privacy with SOS personal alarms

How Does an SOS Personal Alarm Work?

The most important benefit of a personal alarm system for the elderly is the 24-7 monitoring centre

This centre is always available even on weekends and public holidays for the protection of your loved ones. 

If a senior has an emergency situation, all they need to do is press the SOS button on the personal alarm. 

Then, they will receive a callback from the monitoring centre to confirm their situation. 

Whether the person is experiencing a medical emergency or a security threat, the monitoring centre will immediately notify the designated emergency contacts about the situation. 

They will also inform emergency services if the situation is of a serious nature. 

An SOS personal alarm is a great investment that will help protect their well being 24/7.

Important Features of an SOS Personal Alarm

A quality personal alarm should have a long-connectivity range of 300-metres. 

This means that your loved ones can move around their property without losing their connection with the base unit. 

Their personal freedom isn’t infringed upon when you and your family choose a quality SOS personal alarm.

Most modern-day personal alarms are waterproof which means the device doesn’t need to be removed when a senior is having a shower or swim. 

In fact, these are the times when accidents are most likely to happen. These moments are when it is most crucial to wear a personal alarm.

The connection between the base unit and wrist pendant is of a high-frequency, so the SOS alarm won’t interfere with other medical devices. 

In the event of a main power fail where you lose electricity, the base unit as per Australian standards should have a back-up battery that lasts a minimum of 40 hours.

Freedom and Privacy With SOS Personal Alarms

Most people think that getting a personal alarm will restrict their freedom and privacy. However, the truth is a personal alarm will provide more freedom. 

Seniors are able to do the things they love when they have an SOS alarm with them. 

Their privacy is always guaranteed because the personal alarm doesn’t report back to anyone unless they press a button. 

The SOS alarm will simply sit there and wait until they need assistance. 

That’s why you and your family need to invest in the latest technologically advanced SOS personal alarm for your loved ones.

It’s important to buy an SOS personal alarm from a trusted supplier such as APERS (Australian Personal Emergency Response Systems)

At APERS, we understand that keeping your loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world.

For more information about our services please call 1300 852 148 or send us a message on our website.


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