Testimonial: Desley’s Story

Testimonial: Desley’s Story
30/03/2021 APERS
Testimonial: Desley's Story

Before I had the pendant I actually had 2 nasty falls.

With the first fall, it took 2 hours to drag myself across the floor to the bedroom to the phone to call a relative to assist. My brother arrived and literally picked me up off the floor. Once I fall down I cannot get up off the floor.

The second event was a faint and once again with no device. I had to drag myself along the floor to get to my phone to call for assistance.

These incidents are what prompted me to ensure I have a base set and pendant device.

This device gives me peace of mind.

I know I can call someone when I have a situation. I have a wheelie walker and I am confident when wearing the pendant.

I want to keep living independently in my own home and not move to a nursing home placement. This device enables me to live life on my terms whilst remaining independent.

Having the APERS Home Companion Device makes me feel more secure because I know there is help close at hand.

I have a Neighbour, 86, who won’t wear the pendant and has had 2 bad falls. His most recent fall was on garden edging and he cracked his skull and ended up in Emergency and then hospital.

I have used the emergency button on the base set to call assistance.  In the last month, I was going out and my companion arrived. I got to the door couldn’t breathe. I pressed the Emergency button and asked them to summon an ambulance. I went on to have an ECG and was told I had experienced a serious heart attack

For anyone considering a Home Companion Base set and pendant device, I say: you need one, you do not know what will happen to you and when you will need to use it. The problem is if you fall you can break a hip. Why wouldn’t you use it? It is easy to wear and I would not be without it.


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