Testimonial: George’s Story

Testimonial: George’s Story
30/03/2021 APERS
Testimonial: George's Story

My name is George. My wife has balance and heart problems.

We bought a distress pendant. It hangs around her neck, or on her wrist.

We arranged for monitoring by two neighbours and myself.  The neighbours were unable to continue to monitor and that left just me. An unsafe situation, as I could not guarantee to be available continuously.

We decided to look for a professional Emergency Monitoring system. Of the four we contacted only Australian Personal Emergency Response Systems (APERS) was prepared to monitor a device not supplied by their business.

I am now confident that 24/7 in any emergency, APERS will quickly respond to the SOS call and organise help for her. If she is conscious, they will reassure her by talking to her.

As a bonus, Sean, an APERS representative, came to the house, picked up the device and when it was programmed, brought it back and demonstrated it.

Their monitoring rate is less than $1.00 per day.  A very small price to pay for peace of mind.


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