The Best Way To Protect Your Child Away From Home

The Best Way To Protect Your Child Away From Home
10/08/2018 Kelsey

We are officially half-way through 2018, and many young adults have taken the next step in life and have moved out of home.

Whether this is to a whole new city or just down the road, this is a worrying experience for most parents, as they worry about whether they are safe. To provide peace of mind and comfort for parents, APERS has introduced the Go Pendant – a small device enabling the user to have direct communication with a qualified Care Team.

Please note that we are no longer selling the Go Pendant, as we are waiting for the 4G version to become available.

What is the Go Pendant?

The Go Pendant is a small emergency response system, with easy and discrete access in the event of an emergency, like when your child is walking home at night, or simply doesn’t feel safe. Through using cutting-edge cellular and GPS technology, these devices are specifically designed for use outside of the home, ensuring your children’s safety when you’re on the go! The Go Pendants also have a built-in SIM card, microphone, and hands-free speaker, allowing for two-way communication with our 24-hour APERS Care Team.

“My daughter is moving to Brisbane for university,” a recent Go Pendant customer said. “I’ve organised a pendant for her when she moves. I’m feeling much better about her moving and that if she’s ever in trouble, all she needs to do is press a button and help will be on its way.”

Introducing the GO Pendant | Mobile Emergency Pendant | APERS Australia

How does the Go Pendant work?

When the emergency button is pressed, an alarm and the user’s GPS location is sent to the 24/7 APERS Care Team, where a trained operator is able to call the pendant, opening a two-way voice channel between the control room and the user. By talking to the Care Team, appropriate action can be taken for the situation, which may include contacting friends or family, or if necessary, emergency services.

The Go Pendant is supplied with both a stainless steel hypoallergenic chain and split ring to suit your individual needs, allowing it to be fixed to your key ring, belt, worn as a pendant on the chain, or simply carried in your pocket!

To find out more about our Go Pendants and advice on how you can protect your child, don’t hesitate to call us today on 1300 852 148, or fill out an enquiry form.