What Happens If I Activate The Medical Alert Pendant By Accident?

What Happens If I Activate The Medical Alert Pendant By Accident?
25/11/2018 Kelsey

One of the most critical aspects of using a personal alarm is the ability to reach help when you are by yourself. But if you’re new to using personal medical alarms you may be wondering what happens if you accidently press the button when it isn’t an emergency. Rest assured your safety is our priority. We have systems in place to ensure whether it is an emergency or not you are cared for.

What happens if I press the emergency button?

Once the Emergency Button has been pressed, either on the Base Unit or Pendant, an alarm will sound from the Base Unit for 15 seconds. This time allows you to press the Cancel button if it has been an accidental activation. If you are unable to cancel the alarm, the call will be transmitted to the APERS Care Team.

If you aren’t able to press the Cancel button following an accidental activation, one of the professional Care Team members will connect to your Base Unit and speak with you to understand the nature of your emergency. Once connected, simply let the Care Team know that it was an accidental activation and that everything is okay.

At APERS, we understand that accidental activations are going to happen, our Care Team will be glad to hear that you’re okay. As your activation did not require emergency services, accidentally activating your Personal Emergency Response System won’t cost you any extra fees!

Are you looking for a medical alert alarm for yourself or someone in your family? Our 24/7 Care Team Monitoring ensures the safety of you and your loved ones around the clock. Contact us today or give us a call on 1300 852 148 to find out more information or to discuss the perfect medical alert alarm for your needs.