What is an SOS personal alarm?

What is an SOS personal alarm?
09/04/2019 APERS
What is an SOS personal alarm

The SOS personal alarm is a fantastic invention for disabled and elderly people, especially those who mostly live alone.

Emergencies don’t come with an invitation, and if you don’t have anyone around, the SOS personal alarm can be life-saving.

Not only will you have peace of mind, but your family will also live comfortably knowing their loved one is not alone.

How do SOS personal alarms work?

Most SOS personal alarms follow a “plug and play” format where you simply plug the system into a power socket and then test it with the Care Team.

It’s so easy to do that our oldest recorded installer was 94!

Our SOS alarms come as a small pendant that you can wear around your neck, wrist, or even just keep in your pocket!

These nifty pendants are able to operate in open air within 300-metres of the base unit, so you can still play with your beloved pets or work in the garden.

If you have a medical emergency or you think there is an intruder in the house, all you need to do is press the alarm button on the pendant or the base unit.

As soon as you press the button, a message will go to the 24/7 Care Team, who are available 365 days a year.

Upon receiving the signal, you will get a call from the Care Team via your Base Unit.

Once they have established the nature of the situation, the Care Team will call your emergency contacts or notify emergency services, depending on the seriousness of the case.

Important features of SOS personal alarms

Some of the additional features of SOS personal alarms are:

1. Waterproof; the SOS personal alarms are entirely waterproof. You can wear them while bathing.

However, the device shouldn’t remain underwater for more than 30 minutes.

2. High-frequency; the high frequency of the alarm prevents it from interfering with other medical equipment.

3. Long-range connection; our SOS personal alarms have a long-range connection to connect to the base unit.

For example, our alarms have a 300-metre open-air range.

You can walk in your garden or sit in the backyard with the device without worrying about the signal range.

4. Long-lasting battery; the SOS personal alarm pendants have a battery life lasting for up to five years,

The base unit can run on its back-up battery for over 50 hours if mains power were to go off.

As a user, you may not realise the battery is running low, but the APERS Care Team will receive a notification of the low battery.

At APERS, we understand that keeping your loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world.

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