Why Senior Australians Should Join the Home Care Queue Immediately

Why Senior Australians Should Join the Home Care Queue Immediately
15/05/2019 APERS
Why Senior Australians Should Join the Home Care Queue Immediately

As the Australian population ages, the Australian government has had to play catch up when it comes to providing Home Care Packages to the tens of thousands of senior citizens.

This has been done in various forms of assistance so that senior citizens can continue living independently, and close to their loved ones.

With demand for Home Care Packages exceeding the supply from the government side, senior citizens are now being urged to act as early as possible and register for Home Care Packages.

If not, they may find themselves in need of assistance they may never receive as a result of joining the year-long waiting list too late.

What Is the Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages can be defined as a fixed amount of cash that senior Australians who have complex care receive from the federal government.

This money is used to pay for services that are needed to continue living independently at home, instead of having to join an aged care facility.

The recipients do not actually receive the money directly but get a code that they must take to an approved vendor.

The approved service provider and elderly citizen then decide how best the amount provided should be spent, considering the specific needs of the recipient.

The Queue

Since the available number of Home Care Packages made available by the government are limited, some applicants must join a waitlist.

Even if they have been approved before they receive the assistance they need, they still may need to wait in line.

This has actually led to the establishment of a countrywide waiting list that is managed by My Aged Care.

The queue has a one-year waiting period, with the government said to be working hard to reduce this period to no more than three months.

Applying earlier increases your likelihood of receiving the assistance you need at the right time, which is why elderly citizens are being prompted to join the home care queue as soon as possible.

In mid-2018, the 900 approved service providers were managing home care services assigned to about 91,847 recipients.

However, around 70,000 qualifying citizens have been included on the waiting list.  

A Note To Seniors

With a 12-month waiting list, the truth is that many qualifying applicants are actually having to go without the care services they need.

Worse still, they might even have to cover the cost out of their own pocket, and may not have the funds to do so.

To ensure that they receive the assistance they need, seniors are urged to communicate their needs to assessors as soon as possible.

Once seniors receive the Home Care Package they have been waiting for, they are also encouraged to claim it quickly.

If not, the package might be taken back if it is unused after 56 days of being approved.

To get the most out of the package, seniors should also confirm whether the services they receive are fairly priced.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme

Seniors who are only looking to receive one or two services each week can also receive assistance through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme.

This is considered to be a simpler version of the Home Care Package, catering to those with minimal needs.  

Some of the services provided under this programme include nursing and personal care, garden upkeep, household chores and grocery shopping.

How To Get These Services

To get these services, seniors need to go through a government portal, My Aged Care.

You can do so directly, or through a reference made by your physician or medical facility. Applicants can register for the service via phone or email.

Seniors who need to have the process handled by someone else on their behalf are advised to choose a close friend or family member.

Even though you might also choose an agent or broker to represent you, it is recommended that you keep your eyes open for any deals that sound too good to be true and to compare deals to avoid being taken advantage of.

At APERS, we understand that keeping your elderly loved ones safe is the most important thing in the world. We provide a number of services to assist in the monitoring of your loved ones to ensure their freedom and safety.

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